Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cricut Explore

Okay we all have heard by now that Provo Craft and Novelty, Inc.
has come out with new machine called The Cricut Explore™
I'll be the first to say .... Darn you PC I'm so mad at the way you handle us the consumer
"CRICUT" lovers in the past! I have purchased over 10 machines for giveaway as
prizes to my followers and I personally own every cutting machine you every made.
Well almost all I never got the image wasn't too excited about the ink cost. But you lost
me at the E-2 it was just too much, and by that time I was a HUGH Make the Cut™ fan and
refused to give that up, so my Cricut Expression (YELLOW) that I fought black Friday shopper for 
was my machine of choice... my Silhouette™ Cameo sat in it's box afraid to lose
 my beloved MTC software choice.  Yes that right my Cameo sat it a box un-opened and not
being used why would I need to use it? I was able to cut out anything I wanted on a machine
I loved and worked wonderful for me... I still shopped for all things Cricut love the little green bug
and I have over a 100 carts what more could I ask for!  The deciding factor was 
I wanted to update my Make The Cut ™ software
 by now they came out with so much new things you can do
with their software.  I wanted access to a store full of so many files
from so many talented artist that my head would be spinning.
So I opened the box and took out my Silhouette Cameo™ downloaded the
Designer Studio Software and updated my Make the Cut™. 
My palms where sweating and I was so scared but I quickly learned 
how to cut on my cameo and in no time was creating beautiful cards and 
Scrapbooking layouts and 3-D project for my home oh and Vinyl saying are the bomb! 
So each CHA I would looked for the Provo Craft Booth and each time the green bug
was no where to be found, even this last CHA  2014 Winter Show no PC Booth.

Then January 21, 2014 they announce the release of 
The Cricut Explore.  

So where they go for the last year or so why such
the overhaul of the company and revamping of things? These are question we 
all like to know but truthfully they not required to tell us that company business.
We can choice not to buy the new machine and by the comments on social media
I have say we all pretty torn and on the fence hoping that we can believe Provo Craft
and what they say, but even if its not perfect they will sell thousands of these 
new machine. They are a cutting software company and we all want the newest
thing on the market and if we can use our tablets that something new!
 Yes,  Provo Craft is a Company not our friend on Facebook
or someone we invite into our home to craft they have avenue for that 
Cricut Forum where we can fill your social need for approval
of you creative and talented person. 
They are in it to make money that why companies are in business.
Something do great and something don't but you can bet they keep trying 
to meet their percentage of the market shares.
And by the looks this new Cricut Explore they be making a lot.
So I am jumping off my soapbox and don't want to come across as not objective to
the new machine after all this is a new site for info on The Cricut Explore
So here what out there for us all to see... do you homework
find out what you like or dislike about the new machine
take your personal experience and make you own mind up!
Me it took writing this article and gathering information for my mind to
be made up ... I'll be getting one hey I got my 100 carts to use...
But you can bet PROVO Craft I'll be watching and hoping
you earned back my business.
So now lets take a look at The Cricut Explore
They added a nice dial which is easy to move to your desired
choice of medium we all love to work with for our projects.

They added the ability to cut and write at the same time 
kinda cool one cutting/drawing pass instead of two 

Soon (they promise) you'll be able to design on your tablet
that be nice for designing on the go ! 

They created the Cricut Design Space. 
It will be a library of tons of project ideas you can literally
 click a button and create that the project. 
"From inspiration to creation in just a few steps".

You will be able to use ANY SVG files, JPEGs, etc - including fonts on your computer!
You will also have access to over 50,000 images that you can purchase for .99 each
 AND you can still use your cartridges!
MSRP will be $299.

UPDATE to this Post!